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Our Co. is based in U.A.E
engaged in providing materials and services in the following fields:-

  Corrosion Protection Systems:-
Corrosion Protection Materials for Oil, Gas, Water and District Cooling Pipelines as well as other metal structures such as buried Tanks, Valves, Flanges, Coupled Field Joints and Fittings etc. Our Principal suppliers M/s. Seal For Life Industries has over 45 years of solid performance in providing proven corrosion protection products.The following are the products and signature brands of M/s. Seal For Life Industries - Corrosion Protection Group Polvken® Pipeline Tape Coatings, Covalence* Heat Shrinkable Sleeves, AnodeFlex™ Long-Line Linea Anode for CP and Powercrete® Liquid Epoxy Coatings. STOPAQ® Corrosion Prevention and Sealant Systems.

  General Trading Solution:-
Along with specialized Items, we are among the leading distributors of Electrical, Mechanical and Hardware products, DELTA has been providing support and services to all major industries, contractors and traders in the region. Read More
  Electrical Heat Tracing & Control Connection Equipments:-
We are leading supplier of BARTEC electrical heat tracing and control connection equipments. BARTEC is leading manufacturer, engineering and contracting company in the field of Electric Heat Tracing, Ex-Proof (Control & Connection) equipments, Automation Technology, Measurement and Analyzers. BARTEC head office is in Germany. Bartec is Europe’s number # 1 Safety Technology company. The products manufactured by Bartec have been used worldwide in leading Refineries, Petrochemicals, Chemical Plants, Energy, etc. View Product and Solutions here



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